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4 Reasons Your Dentist Uses Suction Tools

Posted on 1/20/2016 by Raymond Liu
An elderly woman receiving a dental exam with suction tools.Whether you are going to the dentist for a routine cleaning or you are having a filling put in place, you may notice that your dentist uses tools to suction out your mouth.

Have you ever wondered just why these tools are necessary? If they are just for your saliva, why can't you just swallow it like normal? Well, there are actually a few important reasons that your dentist will utilize these tools.

Cleaning Away Debris

During a cleaning, your hygienist will use a lot of toothpaste, so the suction tools can help to clean all of this away. Additionally, pieces of amalgam can fall away when your dentist is putting in a filling, and the suction can also help to remove them so that they aren't swallowed.

Keeping the Teeth Dry

For certain procedures, such as putting in fillings, it is important that your teeth stay dry during the duration of the treatment. A suction tool can do this by removing any blood, water, or saliva that could be accumulating around your tooth. Unfortunately, bleeding is common if the cavity is below your gum line.

Better Visibility

During a filling, the tools that are used can spray out a significant amount of water, but when this builds up, it can be difficult for your dentist to see what he is doing. For this reason, a suction tool is needed to clear away the area and ensure that your dentist is able to complete the job.

Improved Comfort

Most importantly, your comfort is one of your dentist's top priorities. It can be uncomfortable to sit with too much water accumulating in your mouth, and your mouth will also be suctioned after the administration of anesthetic to remove the bitter taste.

Do you have questions about the tools we'll be using at your upcoming appointment? Give our office a call.
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