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Composite Fillings
Edmonds, WA

Rendering of dental fillings on a set of three teeth at Dr Liu Family Dental in Edmonds, WAComposite Fillings are used for:
•  Filling cavities after decay is removed but enough of the natural tooth structure is present to not require a crown.
•  Repairing a chipped anterior tooth, also known as a front tooth.

Most people will require a Dental Filling at some point. Fillings are used when tooth decay has created a hole in your teeth that needs to be cleaned, decay removed, and then the cavity filled. Dr. Liu uses a composite to fill this cavity. This Composite is made up from glass or quartz mixed with a resin that is then shaded to match your natural teeth color for this filling. The composite is strong, strong enough to handle normal daily use.

Advantages of Composite versus Metal

Metal Fillings, also known as Amalgam, are the traditional way that Dentists repaired cavities. Dr. Liu has found that Composite fillings are more durable and resistant to fracture in normal wear. Besides being able to hide the filling with its camouflage coloring, Dr. Liu is also able to remove less of your tooth structure than with amalgam fillings.

Repair of Chipped Teeth

Dr. Liu is able to repair front teeth that have chipped with Composite Fillings. Using this tooth colored resin is a much less expensive than Veneers or Crowns though it does not have the life expectancy of the other products.

After your tooth has been cleaned, restored and filled, you may experience discomfort, this is typical. If the pain persists for a week or more it is important to call our Edmonds, WA office at (425) 771-2100 for an examine and allow Dr. Liu to determine if additional treatment is needed.
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Composite Fillings • Raymond Liu DDS • Dentist Edmonds, WA
Composite fillings are used for cavities after decay is removed but the natural tooth structure does not require a crown. Call Raymond Liu DDS now!
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