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Deep Cleaning
Edmonds, WA

Man receiving deep cleaning at Dr Liu Family Dental in Edmonds, WADeep cleaning is a dental procedure that also relates to the terms scaling and root planing.

Do you have Gingivitis?

If your home routine of dental care is not sufficient or consistent, plaque and tartar can build up. This buildup along the gum line is a perfect place for bacteria to grow. It will happily live in that plaque, irritating and infecting your gums. If you are finding that your gums bleed easily, it’s a sign of gum disease. The early stage of gum disease is what is called gingivitis. This is a completely reversible condition with a deep cleaning treatment and a review of your daily dental hygiene habits. Together, you and Dr. Liu can adjust your daily dental routine to prevent developing gum disease in the future.

What is a Deep Cleaning?

A Deep Cleaning is a more involved cleaning, but a simple process. Using a tool, called a Scaler, Dr. Liu will scrape away the tartar buildup on the surface of the teeth, at the gum line, and just below the gum line. Root Planing is the procedure used for smoothing out the roots, helping your teeth by making the surface more difficult for plaque to accumulate again. After a root planing procedure you may feel minimal discomfort but you can have confidence knowing the infection is healing because Dr. Liu removed the bacteria damaging your teeth.

Along with good dental home hygiene, the early form of gingivitis is reversible. We want to help you have the healthiest mouth possible. Contact our office to learn more.
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Deep Cleaning - Dentist Edmonds, WA - Raymond Liu, DDS
At Raymond Liu, DDS we want to help you have the healthiest mouth possible which is why we offer deep cleaning services for those experiencing gum disease. Call our experts today!
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