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Dental Filling
Edmonds, WA

Rendering of set of three dental fillings at Dr Liu Family Dental in Edmonds, WAWhen you have a cavity, Dr. Liu can help. By removing the tooth decay from your teeth, Dr. Liu can help you from further painful or expensive procedures. He specializes in tooth fillings, which are necessary to fill the openings in your tooth.

You may need dental fillings for various reasons. The most common reasons are:
•  A chipped tooth.
•  Tooth decay.
•  A worn down tooth from grinding.

Types of Fillings

The types of fillings include: indirect and direct, temporary or permanent. If you need multiple teeth filled, you will receive temporary fillings. You will also receive a temporary filling if you need immediate relief. Temporary filling are a successful procedure, but it is not a permanent procedure. To have long lasting results, you need to have a permanent filling.

Indirect fillings last longer than direct fillings, and are stronger. The material used in a direct filling is soft and used for smaller fillings. An indirect filling is more extensive than direct fillings, and these fillings use dental cement to bond your teeth, unlike direct fillings that use soft material and a blue light. The materials for direct fillings are glass or composite ionomer cement, and silver amalgam. Indirect fillings use ceramics or gold. Silver fillings can cause allergic reactions, but we will help you determine if you are prone to these issues beforehand.

Filling Materials

Gold fillings last a long time, typically between 10 and 15 years. Gold fillings can help with chewing, and they are strong enough to withstand most chewing forces. Gold fillings may be more favorable in appearance. They do not corrode.

Amalgams, also known as silver fillings, are another option. These fillings are durable, and can last up to 15 years. Silver fillings are less expensive, and are very strong for chewing forces. Silver fillings may cause teeth discoloration.

For children, we recommend using glass ionomer. This material is made with glass and acrylic. The fluoride in glass ionomer help protects teeth from decaying. Adults can use glass ionomer material for fillings too. If you need to have fillings below your gum line, this material is recommended for you. A glass ionomer is not as durable as other fillings, and this material will generally last up to five years.

Contact Dr. Liu at (425) 771-2100 to help you decide what is best for you.
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When you have a cavity, Dr. Raymond Liu, DDS. can help by removing decay from your tooth and providing a dental filling. Call today to schedule your appointment!
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