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Dental Implant Materials

Dental implants are considered an effective method of providing patients with a better quality of life and is the preferred option for tooth-loss recovery. During the procedure, an implant is carefully embedded in the oral tissue, or bone tissue, of the patient on which the dental prostheses is fixed. Dental implants can then take the place of natural teeth in terms of function and appearance.

Raymond Liu DDS and at Dr Liu Family Dental are the go-to choice for dental implants and are experienced in working with a number of dental implant materials, including titanium dental implants and zirconia dental implants.

Titanium Dental Implants

The most often used material for dental implants is titanium. Utilizing implants made of titanium has several advantages, one of which is that the jawbone is not harmed. The bone may continue to develop adjacent to the titanium implant after it is inserted, just like it would around a real tooth. This permits the implant to endure longer.

The least expensive and most adaptable alternative is titanium implants. The majority of titanium implants used today are really titanium alloys rather than pure titanium. As a result, titanium-allergic patients can receive implants that are stronger and safer.
Due to its strong resemblance to human teeth, titanium is a biocompatible substance, making it simpler for implants to fuse to the bone, making it the preferred choice for many individuals looking for that all-natural look with their dental implants.

Materials for titanium dental implants and their designs are used in a two-piece system. These consist of a different abutment that connects the replacement tooth to the implant and sits on top of it. The other is a post that is inserted in the bone through surgery. This is not possible when using zirconia dental implants, which use a single-unit system. The two-piece technique enables an implant that may be customized to address low bone deficits. This implies that even if you are losing bone density, you can still smile with confidence.

Zirconia Dental Implants

Zirconia implants are the most recent material to enter the dental implant market, in contrast to titanium, which has appeared to be around forever. Zirconia implants are a fantastic, metal-free implant choice since many patients have worries about metal allergies and introducing metal in their bodies. Zirconia is an extremely strong and robust substance that is also used to make bridges and crowns. Similar to how titanium fuses to bone, this substance likewise does so.
With zirconia implants the gums don't have any black metal hue peeking through them. Zirconia is less prone to corrosion than titanium.

Dental implant materials made of zirconia merge the post and abutment into a single piece. This lessens the worry that germs could be lurking and harm the gum. The materials of a zirconia dental implant and their ceramic designs are still under appreciated despite this positive benefit.

The experienced dental specialists at Dr Liu Family Dental can make the whole dental implant procedure a breeze making sure you leave with a great looking smile. Contact us today at 425-310-5789 to learn more about dental implants.
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