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Dentures in glass of water sitting on palm of a hand at Dr Liu Family Dental in Edmonds, WADentures are a permanent solution to replacing teeth that are either severely damaged or missing due to tooth decay, genetic disease, or gum disease. Dentures can provide a heightened sense of confidence for someone who is used to having teeth missing or not able to smile due to extreme gum disease or tooth decay. Dentures are a sure way to get your smile back and boost your confidence. If you think dentures are right for you, contact us today to set up a consultation.

Types of Dentures

There are two main types of dentures that we use at Dr. Liu's office - partial dentures and complete dentures. Every case is different and depends on the needs of the individual. We will help you decide at your consultation, which option is right for you.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are ideal for those who only need a few teeth replaced. Partial dentures are made of either a plastic or metal removable base. They are a great alternative for those who don’t qualify for a bridge or a fixed denture. Partial dentures are easy to insert and remove if you choose that option, but we can also make them "fixed," which means they are not removable by you, only by us in the office if the need arises. There are several classes of partial dentures available; each patient will be classified individually on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the proper dental hygiene, wear and tear, and maintenance of partial dentures, they should last at least five years.

Complete Dentures

When some or all of the teeth are missing, the natural muscle tissue begins to sag and droop. Complete dentures can help rectify that issue and keep your face looking natural. Complete dentures are usually made of plastic bases and are meant to replace all of the teeth and take several appointments to finish the procedure. Complete dentures take quite a bit of time to get used to because chewing food, speaking, and even smiling can take a lot of practice before the patient is completely comfortable with dentures. Complete dentures can last at least five years with proper hygiene and professional maintenance.

Implanted Anchors

Complete dentures can also be permanently placed in your mouth with implants. This is a type of complete denture that requires dental implants to be placed into the jawbone. This helps secure the dentures into a solid post instead of having to use adhesive. Implanted anchors are for those individuals that have substantial bone structure remaining giving the posts solid base to anchor to for a secure fit.

The Procedure

If you are interested in dentures for replacing your missing teeth, we can provide you with a full consultation to see what type of dentures are right for your individual needs. A full exam and X-rays will show us exactly what the problem is so that we can discuss your options with you. Any remaining problematic teeth will have to be removed and healed properly for the process to begin. Molds and impressions will be made of your arches, mouth, and jaw to ensure proper shape and color. Following this procedure, the dentures are properly fitted and adjustments made to ensure a proper overall fit.

Benefits of Dentures

There are some great benefits to getting dentures. Besides a boost of self-confidence, dentures can provide a sturdy structure for the jaw, reduce further issues with gums or decay, and can reduce jaw problems or other tooth pressure.

After Care

The care of your dentures is one of the most important components of successful tooth replacement. Proper hygiene is a must to maintain the solidity and structure of dentures and ensure that they are working properly. Dentures must be completely removed at night time or while sleeping to ensure proper healing and airing of the gums. This will also prevent any type of infection starting or some other type of fungal abnormality from developing. It is also important to get your dentures checked periodically for proper fit, wear and tear, or any other issue that may arise from the wearing of your dentures. Doing these few things can help ensure the lifetime of your dentures is as long as possible, reducing future unnecessary costs.

Cost of Dentures

The cost of dentures will depend on the type of procedure that you may need. Insurance companies may or may not cover a partial or all of the costs needed to get dentures. Consult your particular insurance company and see what they are willing to cover. Please read and review our Financial Policy to ensure a full understanding of how our payment process works. If you have any questions about our Financial Policy or how your insurance works, please call or stop by our office for further clarification.

We look forward to assisting you with all your dental needs! For more information on the different ways we can help replace missing teeth, contact our Edmonds office at (425) 771-2100.
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Dentures are a permanent solution to replacing teeth that are either severely damaged or missing. Call Raymond Liu DDS to learn more about this right now!
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