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Family Dentistry

Raymond Liu, DDS, is a general dental family practice located in Edmonds, WA. Our office is for the whole family from your first tooth through your last one and everything in between. We teach Preventative Care, helping children and adults with tips and techniques to protect their teeth. We provide Restorative Care for when problems arise, and they will. We offer Cosmetic Care for showing those pearly whites. Come early, and come often, it's to your benefit to teach your children good oral hygiene habits and to follow those habits yourself.

Your Children

Your child's overall health does have correlation with their oral health. Research has shown that decay and gum disease can make a child a greater risk for conditions including Diabetes, Heart Disease and even Alzheimer's. With all of our new understanding and advancements, Dr. Liu can help your child avoid dental problems altogether. Following our plan of daily habits, dental cleanings, check ups, and sealants, your child can go through their whole childhood cavity free, and increasingly children are. Each year we are seeing the number of cavities in children decrease.

Adult You

We have a plan to help you have strong healthy teeth. Many adults avoid coming to the dentist office, they are busy, they don't have time, they worry about the expense. Well, ignoring dental problems does not make them go away, it only allows the problem to become a bigger problem. Let us help save you time and money, and take care of small problems before they are worse. Let's face it, there are going to be dental problems, we use our mouths many times a day, our teeth work hard for us. We want to help you maintain that body part that is so crucial to our daily lives.

Elderly You

Watching previous generations, you may have an acceptance that your teeth have a lifespan. This does not have to be true. We have new inventions, new technology and what you may have experienced in the past, we have improved. Our dental crowns are stronger, our false teeth can now be permanently attached with a process called All on 4, and we can hide the work that you have had done. You can have stronger, healthier teeth, both natural and artificial, easier than you think. Let us examine your dental coverage, see how we can make it cost effective for you, and make your senior years a happy one.
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