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Restorative Dentistry

Woman looking at her smile in a mirrorRestorative Dentistry is something that we will all need at some point. We ask a lot of our teeth, they are used multiple times a day and they express so much of our feelings. Keeping them healthy is important, we want them to last us a lifetime!

Restoring your teeth means that we are repairing them, allowing for full function. Dr. Liu knows how important the function of your teeth are. We daily require a great deal of our teeth, we apply large amounts of pressure with chewing, we bring in a lot of bacteria through daily use, and we all like smiles that are clean and healthy. Your teeth are important and at Raymond Liu, DDS, Family Dentistry, we can help. At some point, we will all experience tooth decay, infection, fractures and breakage, which will require repair. With our continuing education and modern technology, Dr. Liu is able to offer more options when restoring a tooth back to its normal shape, appearance and function.

Restorative Dental Services

Here are a few of the restorative dental services we offer.

Dental Crown

We can provide strength and structure to a damaged tooth, letting you keep your natural root.

Dental Filling

We can make minor repairs to a tooth using amalgam or composite fillings.


Whether you have few or no remaining healthy teeth, Dr. Liu can help.

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance can help keep gum disease at bay, giving you healthy gums and strong teeth.

Root Canal

Root canals offer patients relief from pain, Dr. Liu can save a tooth from extraction with Root Canal Therapy.

Dental Bridge

We can fill in the gap from a missing tooth and prevent shifting and bone atrophy with a Dental Bridge.

Restorative Treatment

Dr. Liu, along with our entire team, is happy to discuss all available options with you when restoring a tooth. We will always recommend what we believe to be the most comfortable and least invasive treatment. Our goal is to provide you with excellent care when creating your healthy, functional and beautiful smile.

Patients seek restorative dentistry to

•  relieve pain or infection
•  fill in empty gaps or spaces to prevent shifting or bone atrophy
•  improve or correct an improper bite allowing for better function
•  prevent the loss or extraction of a tooth
•  repair the overall look of your smile
•  repair teeth that are damaged or decayed
•  replace teeth that are missing
•  replace old, damaged dental treatments
•  restore normal eating and chewing function

Remember to give your teeth the attention they need today! For more information on repairing and restoring your teeth back to health, contact Raymond Liu, DDS, at our Edmonds, WA office at (425) 771-2100.
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Restorative Dentistry near Edmonds, WA | Restorative Dentist Raymond Liu, DDS
Restoring your teeth means that we are repairing them, allowing for full function. Dr. Liu knows how important the function of your teeth are. We daily require a great deal of our teeth.
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